Gestalt Therapy  

Online and in Lisbon   

DISCOVER YOURSELF. The Body's Wisdom and Voice. 
LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Spoken Words and Silence.
PRIORITIZE SELF-CARE. What do You Need? Here and Now.
TRUST. Your Inner Strength and Connecting with Others. 

To begin a therapeutic process is to choose the path of growth, where growth implies change in behaviour and expanding awareness. This journey is based on the meaning of your unique story and supported by the trust in the therapeutic relationship.   

It is an invitation to take more responsibility for your choices and through this attitude gain more freedom. An invitation to reignite your inner fire for relationship and pleasure in life. 

As a Gestalt therapist, I want to support you on this journey of self-discovery of your resources and your potential. Always with an attitude of understanding and respect for who you truly are. 

Vanja Karadzic

Gestalt therapist based in Lisbon. Group facilitator. Immigrant. Mother. Enthusiast of the non-verbal approach in psychotherapy. I like to create dialogues between therapy and art.


I work with adults based on the Gestalt psychotherapeutic model.

Online and in Lisbon.

In Portuguese, English and Serbo-Croatian.

Individual Therapy

Therapeutic groups for personal development

Body expression workshops

Offering workshops, body and sound expression workshops, project creation.

Exploration of the Body as the Safe Space that Feels and Speaks about How We Are and What We Need, Here and Now.

Use of Dance and Movement in the process of integration and personal and social transformation.

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Telefone:  (+351) 968 364 426